Adele Beitvashahi
Software Engineer
Shift Calendarizer
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  • Webapp that extracts shift information from a screenshot and generates ready-to-import calendar events file.
  • Uses Tesseract OCR (optical character recognition) ML model, which is cached after first use, allowing the cached app to work offline.
Shelter Donation Manager
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  • Fully functional, crossplatform, and responsive donation form hooked up to an SQL DB backend. With accessibility baked in. Allows you to perform CRUD operations on the new/existing donation data.
Translation Services Landing Page
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  • Responsive, accessible, and interactive landing page optimized for performance and SER (Search Engine Ranking).
Scrabble Buddy
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  • Webapp that queries a PostgreSQL DB for valid scrabble words from the dictionary. Made in tandem with a GPT plugin that queries the server to provide accurage information to the user free of hallucinations. The DB contains the official scrabble dictionary made up of 13000 words. The UI is coming next.
Audiobook Generator
Showcase video coming soon!
  • Webapp that generates personalized audio books from a given e-book, and an ElevenLabs cloned voice model. Powered by NextJdotS.
Smart Autofill
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  • Web scraper that extracts form from a website. Runs it through chatgpt to pair different form inputs with given context data, githubd fills out the form using Playwright. Powered by Beautiful Soup, Python, and ChatGPT.
  • Due this projects capability to create spam, the source code is not public.
Showcase video coming soon!
  • Progressive webapp that let's 10+ concurrent users jam out together with virtual instruments. Features offline caching.
  • Powered by a real-time Web Socket API to host many users in a virtual jam session, using Docker for continuous delivery to Digital Ocean.
Icon Ether
Showcase video coming soon!
  • Animated component that spawns image/shaped particles with random x,y coords that move about and bounce off the screen.
  • Fetches icons from SimpleIcons provided a valid name. Features automatic fallback to local images.
Showcase video coming soon!
  • Responsive to-watch list for movies and shows. With Hotkey support!
  • Features Google SSO powered by Auth0, and a forward proxy server layer for cloaking API tokens.
Indiana University Bloomington
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
How to persist client-side preferences on the client in Svelte (w/o DB)
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